We are a faith base organization that seeks to break children and their families out of the cycle of poverty–by providing them with education, healthcare, clean water, and food, in the name of Jesus Christ.


On the global level our goal is to create an educational system from Pre-K to Highschool, similar to the ones we have here in the states. Once graduated, we would help provide a scholarship for the furthering of their education. We dream that the level of education will drive them out of the cycle of poverty and change the trajectory of their future.

Our current area of focus is Huanchaco, Peru


HOPE headquarters is based in the Los Angeles area where we provide volunteers opportunities for people willing to help. We have distributed clothing and food for the homeless and we are looking forward to partnering up with other local organizations for more projects to come.


We also provide volunteers the opportunity to help enhance the lives of Peruvians in a sustainable manner by volunteering in Clinical Health, Social Work, or Service. Through the collaboration of our team and the community of Huanchaco, we have established a grassroots program that provides service based on the needs of the community. The work of the volunteers is vital to the advancement of the community of Huanchaco by providing aid and assistance to areas of low staff and high need.